Dean of Spiritual Formation and Service

Wheaton Academy
February 4, 2019
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The Dean of Spiritual Formation and Service is charged with establishing a positive student and discipleship culture at Wheaton Academy.  He or she will be on a journey of partnering with God in building His Kingdom by equipping students and casting a vision for them to launch from our school into a life of impact for Christ.  Areas of responsibility include spiritual formation curriculum development, teaching three Bible classes, overseeing chapel programming, leading faculty discipleship training, and administration of local and global service initiatives.


The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, organizational aptitude, and the ability to work in a highly collegial fashion.  He or she will also be a strong teacher and have the ability to disciple students.


The Dean of Spiritual Formation and Service must be a spiritually sensitive individual who understands the mission and philosophy of Wheaton Academy, including the model of the Living Curriculum TeachersSM.  He/she must be a born-again Christian with spiritual maturity in academic and leadership abilities that will enable him/her to teach God’s truth.  This individual must maintain active participation in a protestant evangelical church. 

Educational Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a Master of Divinity or advanced degree in Theology, Bible, Christian Education, or Spiritual Formation and a minimum of three years of leadership experience, preferably working with high school or college age students, as well as a proven track-record of successful teaching experience.


  1. Model and personally illustrate the joy of living a spiritually rich and vibrant life.
  2. Assumes responsibility for establishing a positive student culture at Wheaton Academy that is a witness to the community.
  3. Cast a vision for a spiritual formation curriculum that is biblically based and aligns with Wheaton Academy philosophies.
    1. Establish, expand and coordinate all the essential components of the comprehensive spiritual formation curriculum (classroom learning, cross disciplinary integration, worship, hands-on service, prayer, in-depth Bible study, accountability, encouragement, etc.).
    2. Create a strategy to connect with students who are questioning God and His continued presence in their lives. This could include students struggling with disciplinary issues.
    3. Help students engage in their local church.
    4. Connect with Alumni to ensure growth is still occurring once students leave our campus.
    5. Teach/speak at chapels, on retreats, etc.
    6. Have significant input into the Bible curriculum, insuring that it coordinates and complements our overall spiritual formation curriculum.
    7. Establish methods of feedback from students and parents about spiritual maturity and student needs.
    8. Work closely and coordinate with the Administration, Program Heads and Faculty concerning all student spiritual health issues.
    9. Make recommendations to the Principal for any needed calibrations to spiritual formation goals, themes or activities.
  4. Develop and implement a chapel program that engages students in corporate spiritual growth
    1. Lead the Chapel Committee in the intentional design of annual themes, topics and selection of speakers.
  5. Teach three Bible classes.
  6. Create a systematic culture of student discipleship and mentoring using adults and students.
    1. Equip faculty to continue to grow to effectively disciple teenagers.
    2. Coordinate with Student Services to insure we have a program and the corresponding tools to help students discover their giftedness and unique design.
    3. Take an active role and give guidance to the primary event leaders, sponsors, coaches or chaperones of student activities to insure all student activities include naturally integrated spiritual nourishment that connects with school themes and identified needs.
  7. Assist with the Kingdom Community initiative at both a student and parent level.
  8. Encourage and support service initiatives locally and globally.
    1. Systematically organizing and communicating our current service opportunities
    2. Developing new partnerships with local organizations to expand the service opportunities
    3. Create a system where we can assess how and where our students are serving
  9. Ensure that Wheaton Academy teachers and students understand a Biblical worldview that permeates instruction
    1. Teach and insure our faculty has a thorough and naturally integrated biblical worldview that permeates all their instruction and leadership to students.
    2. Serve in a “pastoral teaching” role to our Faculty by leading devotions, teaching seminars, sharing about research and reading, etc. to insure ongoing spiritual nourishment of our teachers.
  10. Other
    1. Engage with local church leaders and help faculty engage with their local churches.
    2. Remain current in your field through seminars, conferences, reading, and networking.
    3. Represent Wheaton Academy through speaking, writing and networking throughout our external communities.

Experience Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years of leadership experience, preferably working with high school or college age students, as well as a proven track-record of successful teaching experience

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